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Sinks and bathroom

Sinks are a central element of the kitchen, so choosing the right material is all the more important. Stone sinks have recently gained in popularity due to advancements in technology allowing them to be more thoroughly sealed against moisture. Stone’s scratch and stain-resistant properties, along with its raw, natural look, make it an ideal candidate for your kitchen sink. While granite, quartz, and marble can be used for sinks, corian has recently become a very popular choice. As they are lighter than natural stone and come in the widest variety of colours, corian sinks are the current go-to stone sinks. At Stone & Building, you can be sure that our sink materials are top quality.

Due to the fact that most types of stone are hard and heavy, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re a difficult material to work with when it comes to carving something as intricate as a bathroom sink. Rectangular sinks are relatively easy to craft, but if you’re looking for something oval or circular, they’re only available on request, as the process of shaping stone into that shape is very time-consuming.

Granite Sinks and bathroom

Granite is a very hard, durable type of stone, which makes it a great choice for bathroom sinks, as long as it's properly sealed, though it’s important to consider that, due to the hardness of the material, the choice of shape is very limited. With its beautiful natural colours and intricate patterns, granite can transform any bathroom into the epitome of elegance.

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Quartz, Composite Sinks and bathroom

Though it's an artificial material, quartz possesses all the beauty and value of natural stone. It's the perfect choice for a bathroom sink thanks to its durability, as long as it's properly sealed. Check out our own selection of composite bathroom sinks!

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Corian Sinks and bathroom

Corian is one of the most versatile types of material available, with over 100 colour options available. With a porous, homogeneous structure, it can serve the purpose of a bathroom sink very well, as long as it's properly sealed, so don't hesitate and try it out - your bathroom is guaranteed to benefit from it.

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Marble Sinks and bathroom

A popular type of stone for ages, marble is also a fantastic choice for a bathroom sink, just as long as you keep in mind that due to the material’s hardness, the number of shapes available is very limited. Its natural qualities, including its substantial mass, make it a solid, reliable material, but it's its natural beauty that really sells it. With its bright colours and intricate patterns, it can make any bathroom feel much more elegant.

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Limestone Sinks and bathroom

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate.

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Slates Sinks and bathroom

Slate stone is a natural stone that is basically a fine-grained rock formed by the composition of mud and stone sediment. Slate is an ideal material for fireplace finishes, floor and wall tiling and can be used on external areas.

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Sinks and Bathroom FAQ

The best countertop depends on your preferences and budget. Popular choices include granite, marble, quartz, and Corian, each offering unique qualities. Granite is known for its durability and luxury appeal. Marble brings classic beauty, while quartz is admired for its stain resistance and wide range of colors. Corian, a versatile material, offers a contemporary look.

Yes, materials used for kitchen worktops like quartz, granite, and marble can also be used in bathrooms. These materials are valued for their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, it's essential to choose a stone that is appropriate for the specific conditions and usage of a bathroom.

The cost varies depending on the material and specific product line. Generally, quartz can be more affordable than granite. It's important to consider not just the initial cost but also the longevity and maintenance requirements of the material.

Consider factors like durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and budget. Durable materials like granite and quartz are great for high-traffic areas. If low maintenance is a priority, quartz is a good choice as it doesn’t require sealing and is less prone to staining. Aesthetically, you have a wide range of colors and patterns in materials like quartz and Corian.

The best color for your bathroom countertop depends on your personal taste and bathroom decor. There's a vast array of color options available in materials like quartz, Corian, granite, and marble, ranging from classic white and black worktops to more unique hues such as:

  • Blue Worktops for a Calming Kitchen and Bathroom Ambiance
  • Green Worktops for a Refreshing Touch in Kitchen and Bathroom Designs
  • Red Worktops for a Bold Statement in Kitchen and Bathroom Decor
  • Brown Worktops for a Natural Elegance in Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces
  • Gold Worktops for a Touch of Luxury in Kitchen and Bathroom Interiors
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