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Kitchen worktops

Modern kitchen decorating uses a variety of materials for worktops that ensure more practical solutions than ever before. Few materials, however, can rival stone. Durable, scratch-resistant, and natural – stone is currently the most desirable type of worktop. At Stone & Building we offer only the best quality kitchen worktops made of various types of stone.

As one of the top stone worktop manufacturers in the UK, we offer our services all across London. We boast a large selection of materials to cater to even the most specific needs. Granite is one of such popular materials. This black stone is the most sought-after variety available, granting your kitchen an unparalleled level of elegance. While usually incredibly costly, we can provide granite worktops that are quite cheap for their superb quality. With Stone & Building, you get good value for your money.

Granite is far from the only material we have on offer. Should the dark colouring be unfit for your decor, or the material a tad too expensive, we have other natural stone worktops for you, such as quartz or marble. We also deal with corian and composite stones worktops – these consist of an artificial mixture of natural materials.


Granite Kitchen worktops

Granite, the hard igneous rock granite is a very hard crystalline, igneous or metamorphic rock primarily composed of feldspar, quartz and lesser amounts of dark minerals. It is visibly crystalline in texture.

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Quartz, Composite Kitchen worktops

Composite stone is a refined material that emanates the elegance of natural stone. The vast array of colour options, mirrored and more subtle sand effects of our expert quartz worktops and floors can create a dynamic focal point in any kitchen.

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Corian Kitchen worktops

Corian is the original solid surface material. It was invented in 1967 by DuPont, the first manufacturer of solid surface materials in the world. It is a durable, non-porous, homogeneous surface material, consisting in approx. 1/3 of acrylic resin and approx. 2/3 of natural minerals. It is available in a palette of 100 colours.

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Marble Kitchen worktops

Marble is generally formed from limestone undergoing metamorphism. When exposed to extremes of pressure or heat limestone turns into calcite or dolomite crystals, which are the primary materials in marble. Marble is any limestone or dolomite that can take a high polish and still be usable. Specific colors and textural variations make marble a highly decorative and exceptionally beautiful stone ideally used in bathrooms or in kitchen as marble worktops.

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Limestone Kitchen worktops

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate.

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Slates Kitchen worktops

Slate stone is a natural stone that is basically a fine-grained rock formed by the composition of mud and stone sediment. Slate is an ideal material for fireplace finishes, floor and wall tiling and can be used on external areas.

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