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Kitchen worktops – Hemel Hempstead

Located in Hertfordshire in the East of England, Hemel Hempstead is a large town northwest of London. Developed after World War II as a new town, it has existed as a settlement for far longer. It is a very populous town, with a number of district designed around a parade or square of shops in a neighbourhood centre. What once used to be agricultural land, Jarman Park, is currently the central leisure location in the town. It is home to a multitude of heavy and light engineering companies, as well as information technology and telecommunications companies.

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Granite kitchens and worktops

Natural stone worktop on kitchen islands

If you’re looking for the kitchen finish or worktop that will look great and withstand anything, check out our granite products – you won’t be disappointed!

Corian sinks

Corian sink

Looking for something unique and colourful for your sink? Check out our amazing selection of corian sinks and find out how fun a sink can be!

Granite floors

Granite floor tiles

If you’re looking for a solid material for your floor that will look striking as well as be incredibly durable, take a look at our incredible granite floors.

Natural stone fireplaces

Marble fireplace

Nothing adds to a home’s character more than a natural stone fireplace. Take a look at our robust selection and get one of your own today!